Ferrari First Ever Hybrid Model Teased

October 10, 2012 / No Comments

Ferrari is joining the group of green car makers by introducing its first ever hybrid model. The new creation is now being teased in bits and pieces, and the vehicle is expected to be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show next January.

ferrari1 Ferrari First Ever Hybrid Model Teased

Ferrari’s new model is expected to be Enzo’s successor and as we said, would pack hybrid power. Ferrari is utilizing a V12 engine combined with an electric motor. It will be the carmaker’s most powerful model as it combines two motors.

Among the two motors, one will power the rear wheels and the other will trigger onboard electrical systems; allowing for a 40% cut in fuel use.

The model is expected to be built on a carbon chassis and would be hand-laminated before being cured in autoclaves. The new composite chassis is expected to cut down the weight to just 2,200 pounds, which will be the main focus.

But the entire carbon fiber construction will push up the price while dropping the weight.  According to reports, the price will probably exceed the €660,000 cost of the Enzo.

Dubbed F70, the model is one hybrid supercar worth looking forward to.