Wind Power Set to be the Energy of the Future

October 10, 2012 / No Comments

With the cost of electricity rising like never before, people are pushing for more avenues in the renewable energy space. The traditional forms of electricity have significant health and environmental effects, while renewable energy like wind and solar are widely accepted as an increasingly cost-effective energy solutions.  And, among them wind energy can be considered as the cheapest energy sources.

power1 Wind Power Set to be the Energy of the Future

Apart from the cost of electricity, energy sources like coal, oil, and gas  pollute and have adverse effects on people. As per a study conducted by the German researchers headed by Deutsche Welle, wind energy is the cheapest energy solution in the world. It costs an average of 0.07 euro (about $0.09) to produce one kilowatt hour of electricity using wind power stations.

The accurate production costs and the environmental damage done in the name of mining silicon make solar comparatively expensive. In central and southern Europe, the cost to produce electricity from the solar plants is about 0.14 euro per kWh. When it comes to Germany, the cost is about 0.18 euro. In the case of coal, the expense in the US is more than 0.09 euros per kWh.

Wind energy, in the meantime, is cheaper than just the additional costs of coal-fired power alone. Scientists are delving deep to find out alternative energies, so cheap new alternative energy may be right around the corner.