Costa Rica Fully Bans Shark Finning

October 12, 2012 / No Comments

Costa Rica has officially declared a blanket ban on shark finning. Shark finning is a process where the sharks’ fins are sliced off and left in the ocean to die.

shark1 Costa Rica Fully Bans Shark Finning

Costa Rica has rules to protect sharks, but they had many a loophole. In an effort to close those loopholes, President Laura Chinchilla has signed an executive order preventing shark finning in the Central American nation’s coastal waters.

In order to make the law effective, the president already announced a $15 million investment to activate radar systems to catch the lawbreaking fishing boats.

But, the new law still gives space for catching sharks for food. Those who violate the rule will either be fined or cancelled of their fishing license.

The decision will definitely help sharks that face a rapid decrease in population.


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