Transgender Bird Spotted in New Zealand; First-of-its-Kind

October 15, 2012 / No Comments

Have you seen one of these before? Chances are that you haven’t. This species is considered the first of its kind  – this bellbird is neither male nor female. Yes, folks, a first-of-its kind transgender species has been found.

bellbird Transgender Bird Spotted in New Zealand; First of its Kind

Experts are yet to observe the bird during its mating period, and they have concluded that this new species is neither a he nor a she. There are already a number of homosexual and transgender relationships observed among bird species. But these bellbirds were never a part of such sitings.

DNA testing on these bellbirds indicated that it was female when the eggs hatched, but as they grew up, things became more complicated.

What prompts this article is that staff members at the eco-sanctuary in New Zealand have identified a transgender bellbird with female DNA and male behavior. The plumage was unique and incorporated that of both the genders.

The officials have arrived at a conclusion that the unusual transgender characteristics of the bird are due to hormonal imbalance.

What matters more is that the existence of such a species needs to be acknowledged and there should be efforts to keep this species alive.