Windstrument Wind Turbine is Uniquely Designed

October 15, 2012 / No Comments

A uniquely designed wind turbine is soon to be a reality. Asahi Kasei Plastics has joined hands with Unified Energies International to develop a new wind turbine with an orchid like design. The device, called Windstrument, aims at attaining affordable and renewable energy.

windorchard Windstrument Wind Turbine is Uniquely Designed

The Windstrument has been developed for residential use and utility-scale projects, including entire communities, industrial centers, as well as agricultural groups. The new rig may be seen as affordable, and can be used locally for small needs too. It can adapt to any electrical technologies as available.

For instance, farmers will benefit from the development of this product as this can be used for agricultural purposes. You can start with one Windstrument turbine and add more turbines per pole as your power needs grow – without the cost, time or materials waste of a new pole construction.

The Windstrument can be placed on any utility pole, unused utility poles, or retrofitted to other wind turbine poles

Another unique feature of the Windstrument is that this equipment has internal power storage capability too. It also produces much less noise, compared to the other turbines.’