Fisker Atlantic Plans to Arrive Only by 2015

October 18, 2012 / No Comments

Fisker Automotive, as we all know, had been delaying the production of its hybrid sedan for almost two years now. The Fisker Atlantic, which was announced in April at a private event in New York, will be available only in 2015. According to Fisker Automotive CEO Tony Posawatz, details of the new Atlantic sedan will be revealed by the end of the year. The company hopes to unveil a production timeline as well.

fisker atlantic Fisker Atlantic Plans to Arrive Only by 2015

The company has already raised around $1.2 million in private equity, including $300 million since December. Fisker says it needs more money to finish the production of the Atlantic.

The total cost is expected to be $150 million as per the statement of theCaliforniacarmaker. It has already engineered many of the vehicles. Fisker had to spend money for theAtlanticon quality issues with its production car Karma.

The company had to recall 1,900 models to correct malfunctioning cooling fans.A123 Systems, the battery supplier for Karma, also had some unfortunate news to disclose that it might go bankrupt.

The Karma costs over $100,000, but the Atlantic is supposed to go for sale $50,000 and $60,000, thus making it more reasonable for people. We can expect more potential sales for Fisker. It is anticipated that Atlantic will have styling and performance.