Spider Silk Can Produce Biodegradable Computer Chips

October 18, 2012 / No Comments

You might have heard that spider silk is supernatural in the sense that it is stronger than steel, yet unbelievably malleable and flexible. But what is its role in the electronic devices arena? Would you believe it when we say it can be used to make computer chips.

spidersilk Spider Silk Can Produce Biodegradable Computer Chips

According to the physicist Nolwenn Huby of the Institut de Physique de Rennes in France, light can travel through the silk strand as smoothly as it can travel through a fiber optic cable. Huby and her team have found out that a short strand of silk can   transmit laser light on an integrated circuit chip.

The silk acted almost like glass fiber optic cables, thus carrying the information for electronic devices. Huby hoped that one day they could enhance the silk’s transmission capabilities with further improvements.

As it is a safe natural material, it has many advantages such that it can be utilized by the medical field to make materials like bandages with embedded electronics to monitor infections, which can be absorbed into the body. In addition to this, the amount of waste will also be diminished.

The only concern is the availability of the material. The harvesting of spider silk to fulfill the needs of the global electronics industry is still under speculation. Scientists would probably have to find out a unique method to craft synthetic silk.