All-Electric Taxi Fleet for Virginia; Nissan Leaf Cars to Drive In

October 26, 2012 / No Comments

If you have any plans to get a ride in an all-electric vehicle in Virginia, you can well do that by simply getting into a cab. EnviroCab in Arlington, the first cab company in the region, plans to add an all-electric car to its fleet. The taxicab operator in Washington, DC area, with the hope of going all-electric, has proposed to bring in 40 all-electric Nissan Leaf cars.

nissan1 All Electric Taxi Fleet for Virginia; Nissan Leaf Cars to Drive In

Malik Khattak, founder of Electric Vehicle Taxicab Company, says the company will have the first taxicab fleet of its kind in the US. Khattak cars sport iPads and wireless internet access that allows web browsing and will also allow passengers to pay with a credit card.

Electric Vehicle Taxicab Company, functions in Arlington, VA, has the largest all-electric fleet of taxis. As it is an electric car, there is no need to have an oil change. The electric car has zero emissions which will help to reduce the country’s carbon footprint.

The car will be a perfect choice for those who look forward to protect the environment. The electric system will allow the car to cover a distance of 159 km before recharging.

If everything goes well, the company will install 56 charging stations in its service area, with a capability to charge the cars in under 30 minutes and allow them to work 24 hours a day.