Lady Gaga Brand of Bottled Water Arriving Soon

October 26, 2012 / No Comments

Besides advice to everyone over health and trying to connect with her fans on the social networking circle, Lady Gaga has now taken the initiative to make sure that everyone has access to clean drinking water. She has done this by launching a new line of bottled water.

water1 Lady Gaga Brand of Bottled Water Arriving Soon

Lady Gaga recently became the centre of attraction because of her weight gain. It was reported as a publicity stunt to promote her new business. Haus of Gaga, Lady Gaga’s creative team, has almost completed production, but details have been kept under wraps.

The new Lady Gaga brand of bottled water was said to be under construction, and now the initiative is gearing up for launch.

The sexy singer will launch the bottled water brand with a multi-million dollar campaign organized by the Haus of Gaga creative team. Lady Gaga, who is very popular among thousands of fans, is expected to make good money out of it. Tell us would you prefer buying the singer’s new brand.