Genus of Ferns Named After Lady Gaga

October 29, 2012 / No Comments

Many a plant and animal species have been named after celebrities. The latest in the line to have a plant named after her is Lady Gaga. She will be immortalized in a new genus of ferns found in Central and South America, Mexico, Arizona and Texas. As many as 19 species will now receive the name Gaga.

gaga1 Genus of Ferns Named After Lady Gaga

According to Kathleen Pryer, a Duke University biology professor and director of Duke Herbarium, the fern family was named after Lady Gaga because of her individuality.

He added that the decision was inspired by the striking resemblance to one of her costumes. Members of the genus also have a faded DNA sequence spelling Gaga. Out of them, two are new discoveries and one is Gaga germanotta fromCosta Rica.

Another newly-discovered Mexican species is being called Gaga monstraparva, which translates as monster-little. It was named to honor Gaga’s fans whom she calls little monsters.

Like the rest, the Gaga group is homosporous, they produce tiny spherical spores that glide to the ground and germinate into heart-shaped plants called gametophytes.