Toyota Prius C Tops Consumer Reports’ List of Reliable Cars

November 6, 2012 / No Comments

Japanese brand Toyota has grabbed the top position in the Consumer Reports annual reliability rankings, challenging its US and European rivals. The Toyota Prius C compact hybrid sits at the top of the Consumer Reports’ list of reliable 2012 model-year vehicles.

priusc1 Toyota Prius C Tops Consumer Reports List of Reliable Cars

The survey aimed to find out the possible most reliable of the 2013 models. Toyota grabbed the top three spots while Mazda, Subaru, Honda and Acura not far behind.

The survey was based on the Consumer Reports’ readers and around 800,000 people submitted their experience on 1.2 million vehicles from the 2010 to 2012 model years.

And, among the most reliable vehicles, the Prius C, the smaller version of Toyota’s hugely popular hybrid model, has won the recommendations.

Meanwhile, US brands Ford and Lincoln took a dive in the survey. The complaints over touchscreens and transmissions on Ford vehicles can be seen as the reason behind this drop.

Audi saw the biggest leap in the survey, coming up 8 from 18, the highest for any European brand, thanks to its new A7, which has also been a hit with reviewers.

The four-wheel-drive V6 Ford Explorer received the worst rankings. According to the Consumer Reports, green cars are reliable.

Hope this can ease the people’s fears about the first hybrids. The Nissan Leaf had an excellent rating and the Chevrolet Volt was above average.

The Prius C sold 26,130 vehicles through September after presenting the car in America.