BriTek Airless Bicycle Tires Being Tested

November 7, 2012 / No Comments

Say goodbye to your bike pump! Flat bicycle tires will soon disappear into the past.  Colorado-based company Britek Tire and Rubber has recently introduced airless tires for bicycles that guarantee a complete puncture-less ride.

bike1 BriTek Airless Bicycle Tires Being Tested

Usually, bike tires manage tire firmness with air pressure. However, the new Energy Return Wheel is created out of two layers of rubber lengthened over a 29-inch carbon fiber wheel.

Each wheel consists of a flexible rubber center that has been placed intact by adjustable rods. The tire is covered by a rubber tread while a series of carbon nano tube fill the space in between, allowing the tire to provide cushioning on the road.

The carbon fiber will help to reduce the weight. The automobile-version of the tires is said to eliminate flats, boost fuel efficiency and improve the car’s performance. The rods and cushions that are placed between the two layers of rubber allow the tire to give and react to compression.

Instead of air pressure adjustments, bikers can squeeze the rubber-tensioning rods to make their wheels harder or softer. The designers are also planning to add thin sidewalls to the wheels to insure that they won’t get muddled with roadside mud and waste.

The Energy Return Wheel is still in testing stage. Though this is not the first time we get to see airless tires, the new innovation is expected to revolutionize the future of everyday cycling.