Toyota Prius Design to be Altered

November 7, 2012 / No Comments

The Toyota Prius, as you all know, is one of the most popular and recognizable cars in the world. The unique design has made the car a style icon already. The slippery, wedge-like design was originally developed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. Well, the Toyota Prius design which has become a familiar site on the world’s roads may change soon.

toyota1 Toyota Prius Design to be Altered

Yes, Toyota is considering major changes to the next generation Prius’ styling to widen its demand.

It will take almost one year to make a replacement of the current model. But the new design could be a drastic alteration from the current model.

Chris Hostetter, group vice president for strategic planning of Toyota Motor Sales USA, has been quoted by Bloomberg as saying that the decision to change the Prius’ signature shape is aimed at increasing sales across the model’s lineup.

The company hasn’t made the final decision on the design for the next generation, but the new hybrid can be a successful evolution of the present Prius’ styling or it could be an entirely different design.

Toyota, after two generations now, searches for new looks to attract more attention, and potential sales.

The global sales for the four models, including the main hatchback, v wagon, plug-in model and subcompact Prius c, have crossed 691,281 this September.