Vertical Farms Dot Singapore Skyscrapers

November 8, 2012 / No Comments

In Singapore, people have been running out of land and living spaces as the cities get crowded. Can you believe that an agricultural revolution is in the making in this congested city? Sky Green Farms is the company behind this novel endeavor.

sing1 Vertical Farms Dot Singapore Skyscrapers

Vertical farming is mainly rooted in one principle: Instead of producing food in farms, you just can grow it at home. Vertical farming is an urban agricultural idea where food is produced in and on top of buildings. Thus, the urban greenhouses stretch upward than sprawling outward.

In the process, the urban farmers utilize a variety of techniques like hydroponics that is, cultivating plants in water and aquaponics, which use by-products from fish farming to assist hydroponic growth.

Vertical farms developed by Sky Green Farms packs 120 aluminum towers, each expanding up to 30 feet in height. It will have a production capacity of over 1,000 pounds of three kinds of vegetables per day, all of which will be sold in the local FairPrice Finest supermarkets.

They are a bit expensive than the imported vegetables. But that doesn’t discourage the local consumers to buy the vegetables. The sellers are frequently out of stock.

This one is said to be the world’s first low carbon hydraulic water-driven, tropical vegetable urban vertical farm. Green urban solutions are used there to produce safe, fresh and delicious vegetables using less land, water and energy resources.


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