Ford Hybrid EV+ Feature Studies Most Frequented Routes

November 12, 2012 / No Comments

A self-driving car is a dream. Ford had introduced a new Hybrid EV+ system with the hope of increasing the electric-only range of hybrid vehicles like the C-MAX Energi and Fusion Hybrid. The EV mode is not only eco-friendly, but also helps store most of the energy on-board batteries and saves on gasoline.

hybrid1 Ford Hybrid EV+ Feature Studies Most Frequented Routes

Two Ford engineers have now introduced a method to access GPS signals, allowing C-MAX Energi (plug-in hybrid) and Fusion Energi to remain in EV mode for a long period of time.

EV+ features onboard GPS equipment fitted with Sync and predictive software algorithms to know the location of a vehicle and determine places that are visited on a frequent basis, such as home and work.

When the feature identifies frequent destinations, the way electric power used changes. When within a radius of 1/8 mile of a regular stop, the vehicle stays in electric-only mode, and the internal combustion engine stays off.

It reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. If you find the idea of your vehicle actively settling down to your daily routine, remember the EV+  system memory can be erased with the push of a button or fully disabled. The new system will save countless number of gallons of gas for drivers every year.

hybrid 11 Ford Hybrid EV+ Feature Studies Most Frequented Routes