iRock Chair Charges Your iPad as You Relax

November 13, 2012 / No Comments

With global warming having become a hot topic of discussion today, we are forced to depend more on solar and other green alternatives in the consumer terrain. The latest in the design line-up is the iRock.

irock1 iRock Chair Charges Your iPad as You Relax

iRock is a power generating rocking chair which can be used to charge your Apple device in its rocking motion. And if you want to relax sitting out on the lounge after your hectic work and feel lazy to go and charge your Apple device, you can recharge by simply relaxing in your rocking chair.

You can also play music via the speakers on either side of the headrest area. The thought that just how well it works, will really amaze you.

If you use iRock for 60 minutes, you can very well get your battery recharged up to 35%. The overall cool factor of the new innovative rocker is simply astonishing as it features a docking mechanism for Apple’s tablet while charging the device by simply rocking back and forth.

The power generating rocking chair is harnessed by gears that in turn wind a generator. The iRock  is at present promoted for sale by Swiss furniture retailer Micasa. If you want to keep your set of cool iRock, you just have to pay US$1,300.