Goal Zero Switch 8 Solar Recharger is Your Easy-to-Use Portable Companion

November 16, 2012 / No Comments

Goal Zero, the innovator of easy-to-use portable solar power products, is up with their new product christened Switch 8 Solar Recharging Kit.  The company has unveiled its new ultra-lightweight recharging kit.

chrgr1 Goal Zero Switch 8 Solar Recharger is Your Easy to Use Portable Companion

This power supply in the device will help you charge your smartphone and USB gear wherever you go with just a little help from the sun. The latest in the Goal Zero’s basket, the Switch 8 Solar Recharging Kit, can boost a dead smartphone instantly and recharge it in less than three hours.

The Switch 8 recharger kit packs a Switch 8 portable recharger, Nomad 3.5 solar panel, and Luna LED light to provide light wherever you go. Its low-power will make it a long-lasting light solution.

The recharger contains a lithium battery and USB in/out to give your smartphone, tablet, or any other USB-compatible device a boost from the wall, your car, or the sun. The Nomad 3.5 solar panel charges the Switch 8 in 6 – 12 hrs with sunlight. It sports a foldable, ultra-lightweight, durable aluminum package with a rugged design that protects the gear while charging.

The Switch 8 Recharger allows you the freedom to travel anywhere and do anything without worrying about the battery life of your device.

Get hold of the Goal Zero Switch 8 Solar Recharging Kit from REI retailers nationwide or here for just $99.95. Head here http://www.goalzero.com/switch/ if you need more on that.