US National Parks Install EV Charging Stations

November 19, 2012 / No Comments

US national parks have not only been providing amusement, but are also inspiring visitors to drive for a cleaner tomorrow. The Yellowstone National Park’s Lamar Valley is known as the American Serengeti for its wide open plain that is home to a variety of wild animals.

US1 US National Parks Install EV Charging Stations

Now, apart from bisons, wolves, elk and grizzly bearr, visitors at the Lamar Valley have electric-vehicle charging stations too.

It is not an exaggeration as many US national parks are installing plug-in vehicle charging stations. The Lamar Valley Buffalo Ranch is an off-the-grid facility and it also features a low-speed battery electric utility vehicle used by National Park Service staffers.

The power needed for the campus is derived from an onsite solar photovoltaic system. The EV charging station draws its electricity from solar arrays. Thus, the EV runs entirely on a clean and renewable energy source.

This apart, you will find a charging station at Zion National Park as well. The parking lot is filled with EV charging stations that are used to power the Zion electric vehicles.

In addition to these two national parks, Black Bear Solar Institute, Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Green Gateway, Yellowstone National Park also have installed charging stations.

All together, there are about 14,000 electric-vehicle charging stations across the US as of October 31, the US Department of Energy says.