iLumi Intelligent LED Light Bulbs Run for 20 Years

November 30, 2012 / No Comments

You will find many intelligent light bulbs available in the market, but before you go for one just give iLumi a look. The new iLumi, displayed this week on Indiegogo, is an energy-efficient LED bulb that lasts for 20 years and can be controlled by any smartphone.

ilumi1  iLumi Intelligent LED Light Bulbs Run for 20 Years

iLumi’s HyperLux technology allows the bulb to be programmed through Android and iOS operating systems to offer multicolor light and makes it one of the brightest bulbs in the market.

iLumi packs Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0), a processor, memory and real-time clock, thus allowing users to adjust, customize, program and schedule one or multiple iLumis.

Each iLumi has a range of 100 foot and with a Bluetooth mesh network the bulb can communicate with other bulbs in your house to share the commands you issue. iLumi can be personalized for individual tastes on lighting schedules of dim, turn on or off, and change colors at different times of the day.

The bulbs can sense location and proximity, and you can have them light a path when you walk around the house. Compared to a standard 100 watt bulb, these energy-efficient 15 watt iLumi can reduce your utility bills by $340.

iLumi is revolutionizing everyday lighting solutions for a customized user experience.

The Bluetooth-capable iLumi comes in four different models and begins at $59.