Future of Rhinos at Stake in South Africa

December 3, 2012 / No Comments

Many measures have been taken to protect Africa’s rhinos from extinction. But despite the global push, Africa has lost around 588 rhinos to poaching since the first week of 2012. The killings are feared to touch 600 by the year-end.

rhino1 Future of Rhinos at Stake in South Africa

The insatiable demand for horns in Asia has resulted in rhino poaching in larger numbers. The poachers grab $100 thousand per kilo because of its medicinal qualities. The main consumers for these horns are a burgeoning wealthy class in China.

The unchecked hunting, which nearly killed off all the rhinos in southernAfrica, will bring about a threat to the entire population. It is feared that the number of rhinos killed will outnumber the newborns.

In spite of the heightened awareness, constant media attention and concerted law enforcement efforts, rhino poaching has continued to grow. It has been pointed out that around 246 people have been arrested in this connection. TheKrugerNational Parkhas lost a maximum of 362 rhinos to poaching.

The North West, KwaZulu?Nataland Limpopo provinces have lost 186 rhinos. Most of the killings take place in South Africa’s massive Kruger National Park, covering 19,400 square kilometers in the country’s northeast abutting its borders with Mozambique and Zimbabwe. If necessary actions are not taken, the rhino will face extinction within 10 years.