Micro Fuel Cell Made from Glass Can Power Your Apple iPad

December 5, 2012 / No Comments

Scientists have been carrying out research to find out a long-lasting and eco-friendly power sources. Engineers at Yale University have now come out with a new tiny fuel cell that can power portable electronic devices, such as tablet computers, smart phones, and remote sensors. They have made the idea public through a paper published online in the journal Small.

cell1 Micro Fuel Cell Made from Glass Can Power Your Apple iPad

The new array of micro fuel cell can be a durable and low-cost power solution, which has the potential to replace traditional energy resources. Usually, we use fragile, inefficient and expensive silicon and stainless steel materials to make micro cell.

But, here the micro fuel cell is mainly made out of bulk metallic glasses. Compared to the metals, these pliable metal alloys are more lasting. These amorphous metal alloys can be randomly arranged to form a strong and sustainable substance.

Compared with silicon, which is brittle and a poor electricity conductor that require special coatings, these metal alloys are strong as steel and a good electricity conductor.

The researchers have introduced a unique method called thermoplastic processing and with that process the BMGs can be molded into desirable shapes as it will help to form metallic glasses like plastic. The process can amazingly minimize the fabrication costs.