Hopper Electric-Scooter Taxi Service Launches in Amsterdam

December 6, 2012 / No Comments

Amsterdam, one of the most carefree cities, has now begun to think more seriously about going green. The city is now hatching stern plans for better transportation with a commitment to environment by launching an electric-scooter taxi service called Hopper.

scooter1 Hopper Electric Scooter Taxi Service Launches in Amsterdam

Amsterdam now hugs the eco-friendly taxi service with the aim of giving people a cheaper and emission-free form of transportation.

Hopper scooters can provide easier and quicker journey than a taxi car service as they can move freely in and out of the hectic traffic. The bike-friendly city now brings out a greener and faster way to hang around the city.

You have to pay EUR 2.50 for one ride as long as it is within the city limits. The order will be received through a telephone, smartphone app or website. The company officials have spend five longs years to realize this dream and it started service last month.

The silky lime green colored scooters will soon move around inRotterdam,The HagueandUtrechtas well. According to Bikes in the Fast Lane, the scooters inAmsterdamare limited to 25 km/h (about 15 mph), so that the riders can travel around without wearing helmets.

The electric scooters are expected to create 68 percent less carbon emissions than an ordinary moped scooter. The service will be provided from 8 am to 8 pm Monday–Friday.