Smith Electric Manufacturing Facility in Chicago

December 7, 2012 / No Comments

As the demand for electric vehicles has increased, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Smith Electric Vehicles together have come up with a smart plan to open an electric vehicle manufacturing facility in the city.

smith electric newton1 Smith Electric Manufacturing Facility in Chicago

Smith’s plan to open a facility in the city was inspired by the mayor’s voucher system designed to convert diesel vehicles to zero-emission electric ones. With this system, a large number of vehicle owners interested in electrification can approach Smith.

The project is expected to kindle hundreds of direct and indirect jobs and boost the already rapidly growing battery and electric vehicle segment in the City. The Chicago Department of Transportation has introduced a $15-million incentive program to help companies to modernize their fleets and electrify some of them.

The amount will be provided by the Federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality program as it will provide vouchers for the companies for converting their most diesel-consuming vehicles.

With this program, the city has so far helped deploy 404 cleaner vehicles, mainly compressed natural gas vehicles, along with 202 electric vehicle charging stations. These vehicles and stations have succeeded in removing 200,000 barrels of oil and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 2,850 tons.

Chicagohas long been struggling to displace diesel vehicles for electrified vehicles and is about to bring a charging infrastructure to the area.