Chevy Volt Tops Satisfaction Survey

December 10, 2012 / No Comments

It was two years ago that the Chevrolet Volt first when on sale. Owners of the car are now happy about the return on their investment. They claim that they have driven more than 100 million all-electric miles since its entry to the market.  GM estimates that the average Chevy Volt owner travels in pure electric mode for more than 65 percent of the time.

volt1 Chevy Volt Tops Satisfaction Survey

A Chevrolet Volt owner who charges frequently can drive up to 900 miles between fill ups. Volt owners can travel around 2/3 of the distance in electric mode. Thus, the total gasoline saved is around 5 million gallons.

If burning one gallon of gasoline can emit 8,887 grams of CO2, can you imagine how much 5 million gallons can burn? It is 44,435 metric tons of CO2. The Volt owners can save about $1,370 a year on fuel costs.

Powered by a 16.50-kWh lithium-ion battery, the Volt can travel up to 38 miles on gas and tailpipe-emissions free with a full charge of electricity.

This is not the first time that the Volt has topped in the satisfaction; rather it is the second time that they have come up trumps in the survey by one of the leading consumer testing organizations in the United States.


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