Bogobrush is a Biodegradable, Buy-One-Give-One Toothbrush

December 12, 2012 / No Comments

If you are an environmentally-committed person, you need to try this. From now on you can go green even while brushing as a biodegradable brush has been introduced by a Detroit company. Bogobrush is a biodegradable brush which was invented as a means to bring social and environmental awareness.

tooth1 Bogobrush is a Biodegradable, Buy One Give One Toothbrush

Being the children of a dentist, brother-sister duo John and Heather McDougall have made up their mind to create a biodegradable brush with the hope of bringing social awareness and environmental sustainability to people’s mundane activity of brushing. Each toothbrush, crafted from bamboo, has biodegradable nylon bristles. According to Bogobrush, 450 million toothbrushes end up in landfills in the United States. By using this brush, you can dispose it in your garden without any fear.

Around 80 million people in the country have no access to proper dental care. Bogobrush, in association with non-profit health center Covenant Community Care, has decided to distribute the toothbrushes to the poor inDetroitarea. For every purchase, one toothbrush will be donated.

You can place orders through the company website. Online orders will cost $10 (€7.66). You can also go for a yearly subscription where one brush will be delivered every three months which costs $40 (€30.67). Bogobrush is also looking for local retailers in the Detroit area to promote their products.