ReCycle Unveils World’s First 100% Recycled-Aluminum Bicycles

December 17, 2012 / No Comments

In today’s world, going green is trendy. The environmental impact of transport is important as it creates air pollution and global warming through CO2 emissions. Many  countries encourage riding a bicycle as it is pollution free and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If you want to take it to the green extreme, you can use a cycle made from 100-percent-recycled aluminum.

cycle1 ReCycle Unveils Worlds First 100% Recycled Aluminum Bicycles

ReCycle, a Los Angeles business start up, is about to create a series of 100% recycled green cycles made from aluminum. It will change the face of the present-day green transportation. The ‘ReCycle’ series has been designed with high attention to detail.

To reduce waste, they have removed seat tube. They feature an innovative design that removes the unique forks and a hole in the dropout with a chain.

The chain will last longer and doesn’t require maintenance or grease. The bikes use sustainable cork saddles and grips. The cycle series has many variations like mBula (cruiser), Moshi Moshi (fixed gear), and Mudmaste (all-terrain).

The unisex design accommodates a wide range of riders. The bicycle can fit riders from approximately 5’1” to 6’4”. ReCycle is currently working hard to raise funds on Kickstarter to produce the made-in-USA bikes.

The Moshi Moshi model will cost $2,000. They need 50 orders for the production of Moshi Moshi models. They are available for pledges of $2,000-2,250. Same is with the the Mudmaste and mBula bikes.


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