Kansas City All for Electric Vehicles

December 19, 2012 / No Comments

After people started to prefer electric vehicles due to concerns on greenhouse gas emissions and petroleum supplies, electric vehicles have increasingly started flowing out into American highways and driveways.

city11 Kansas City All for Electric Vehicles


Realizing the importance the new move, Kansas City is all set to be the most electric-vehicle ready in terms of charging infrastructure. The Kansas City region is well equipped with   sufficient public charging stations for an all electric vehicle future. San Francisco, Boston, Austin, Los Angeles and the Raleigh-Durham regions are the other US metropolitan areas that join in the electric move. The Kansas City Plug-In Task Force, an ad hoc group of government leaders, utility representatives and transportation experts is on a plan to install vehicle recharging stations throughout the metro area. They wanted to support the public to buy them. They also want to strengthen public knowledge of the potential environmental benefits of going gasless. The Kansas City metropolitan area has about 2.7 million people with 78 publicly accessible EV charging stations. Not only that, Smith Electric Vehicles, Dow Kokam and EVSE distributor LilyPad EV are all based in the Kansas City area. It is expected that the number of the charging stations will increase in future.

Electrify Heartland, the Greater Kansas City Plug-In Readiness Initiative, is a project to plan for electric vehicles sponsored by the Kansas City Regional Clean Cities Coalition and the Mid-America Regional Council.