African Elephants Face Extinction as Poaching Flourishes

December 21, 2012 / 1 Comment

Jane Goodall, one of the world’s greatest conservationists, has made a vehement plea for a worldwide ban on the sale of ivory as she fears that the illegal ivory trade will lead to the extinction of the African elephant. She issued the plea soon after the authorities seized 24 tons of illegal ivory in Malaysia recently.

elephants1 African Elephants Face Extinction as Poaching Flourishes

According to her, a massive tragedy that is serious is brooding in some parts of Africa. In the last three years,Tanzania has witnessed a loss of half of its elephants in its attempt to supply ivory to China to make ornaments. The main culprits for this recent escalation of illegal poaching are China and other eastern countries.

The ivory is sometimes smuggled out in Chinese diplomatic pouches and she feels that in some countries, it is beyond redemption, we are fighting a losing battle. In Sudan, the elephant population that was around 130,000 in 1986 has reduced to 5,000, said World Conservation Society director Paul Elkan.

Even security forces are involved in poaching. The rebel groups in Africa are involved in the illegal business of ivory trade to fund wars.  Chairman of Tanzania’s natural resources committee James Lembeli added that 10,000 elephants are killed in Tanzania a year, where scores of carcasses can be found scattered all around the country.


  • Kris

    It is a travesty that Africa is unable to understand that the largest land mammal is their most valuable resource when it is alive and well and protected from worthless poachers.