Electric Car Association Founded in Iceland

December 21, 2012 / No Comments

Iceland is a place with renewable energy almost too cheap to meter. The latest move to make Iceland an EV-friendly country has happened through the move to give shape to the Icelandic EV Association by an Icelandic entrepreneur named Gisli Gislayson and his team.

car13 Electric Car Association Founded in Iceland

Majority of the population lives in Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city. The rural areas can also be connected with just 15 fast-charging stations. In addition to this, 80 percent of Iceland’s energy is cheaply produced from geothermal and hydro.

These have provided the country with a good opportunity to welcome electric vehicles. The country can produce much cheaper renewable energy because of its geological evolution. In the beginning of 2012, there were only 11 electric vehicles in Iceland with just a few Level 1 charging stations.

But, today, it has almost doubled and proponents have started to set up Level 2 chargers. Eventually, the EV owners will be provided with an opportunity to choose which energy provider they want to subscribe to in the future and get access to all the charging poles and fast charging stations.

If the Icelandic EV Association’s plans come out well, Gislason plans to import about 300 EVs next year.