Meteorite Stardust to Provide Effective Anti-Aging Solutions

December 27, 2012 / No Comments

When it comes to beauty treatment, people are ready to go any extent. From marmite-scented perfumes to snail packs, people are really interested in bizarre beauty treatments. The latest product in the weird beauty treatment line is Celestial Secret from Spain, an anti-ageing range that contains powdered meteorite.

meteorite 1 537x402 Meteorite Stardust to Provide Effective Anti Aging Solutions

Meteorite is made of rock and sometimes metal that is derived from various solar system bodies. Meteorite stardust is very rich in calcium, iron and magnesium. While the earthly minerals are incapable of penetrating into the skin, this can deeply penetrate into the skin.

Anesi Beaute’s Celestial Secret Elixir has been made out of four meteorite extracts, along with additional minerals and two vegetal ingredients for an effective skin care regimen. Celestial Secret Elixir is said to firm, protect and stimulate skin. It also makes the skin more elastic to minimize any wrinkle formation and keeps the skin glowing and youthful.

The main ingredients included in the potion are extracts from semiprecious stones such as haematite, rodochrosite, olivine, and smithsonite, plus exotic-sounding botanicals such as beech bud extract. Nomadic tribes in the Sahara desert pick up meteorites and send them to Spain for powdering and processing.

According to director of Essential Beauty Supplies Tracey Smith, the £240 moisturizer works to recuperate and seal the skin barrier for firm, moist and youthful skin.