Toyota Fun Vii Car Might Come with Wireless Charging Tech

December 27, 2012 / No Comments

How about a car that can change its exterior depending on the driver’s mood? And how fun will it be if you can choose a color for your car each day? Well, we are not talking about a fairy tale, but the kind of technologies that could get included into the future cars.

toyota fcev ii rainbow 628 Toyota Fun Vii Car Might Come with Wireless Charging Tech

Until the introduction of Fun-Vii, customized cars used to be just a fantasy. And when Toyota introduced their first Fun-Vii concept car, it was more like fun.

But now it seems that the company is serious about this project. Toyota has updated its Facebook cover photo with a new car, a glossy rainbow colored vehicle with a Fun-Vii logo on its body.

Even though, due to the low resolution of the image the logo reads something like “FCHV/ii,” it is not the highly anticipated FCHV (fuel cell hybrid vehicle) that Toyota has been planning for years. Instead it could be a Fun-Vii car, where as the Vii stands for ‘vehicle interactive internet’.

Toyota introduced their first Fun-Vii concept car in back 2011, at Tokyo Motor Show, and its body shell is made of touch screen panels. It will enable its users to change the display pattern of the car.

Meanwhile, Toyota has never mentioned anything about its production details but we hear rumors that this new vehicle will have wireless charging technology. That’s great, a customized car with a wireless charging technology. What do you think?