Canadian Resident Mathew Arthur to Live in a Van for a Year

December 28, 2012 / No Comments

Do you think your style of living defines you? Probably you should. Mathew Arthur, a 30-year-old designer has decided to live in a van for next one year, and his endeavor will start on January 1, 2013.

image 1 Canadian Resident Mathew Arthur to Live in a Van for a Year

A resident of Vancouver, Canada, he has decided to challenge the conventional living habits of humans. For Mathew Arthur, it is a choice of living rather than just fun.

Actually, it is not a surprising choice, according to August RBC Economics Research report.  Vancouver is the least affordable market in Canada and for those who want their own home at city, it is almost impossible.

Arthur, who is currently sharing a $ 1,700 per month laneway rental house in Canada, became fed up with city’s high rent and inflated market and decided to live in a 60 square feet van for the next year. His living space won’t include a toilet or shower and he will depend on public amenities.

But for him, owning a space is more important than the usual idea of a living space and above all it is a creative political statement. Meanwhile, he is also documenting it online and you can follow his blog to watch his progress.