Tesla Model S Pricing for Europe Out

December 28, 2012 / No Comments

It looks like Telsa will sell the Model S electric car for a much higher price to the Europe. The eco-friendly manufacturer has announced different prices for different countries and it seems that the Europeans will have to spend a little more to get behind the wheel of the Telsa Model S 60kWh.

tesla model s 100413301 l Tesla Model S Pricing for Europe Out

Currently, Telsa has decided to sell only the 60kWh model in Europe. The purchase tax, transports costs and import duties explain the price difference in the European and US markets. They also explain why the US citizens can purchase the 60 kWh model for just $69,900 but buyers in Europe need to pay $30,000 more than their American counterparts for a new Model S.

If you are planning to make a reservation of the Model S , you need to get it done by the end of December as Telsa is offering deductions to those who have already made the reservation in Europe. Buyers can take advantage of this offer and place an order before this year ends.