Nissan GT-R Likely to be a Hybrid Model; Might be Delayed till 2018

December 31, 2012 / No Comments

The Nissan GT-R, the next generation super car, is once again in the news. New details and rumors are spreading regarding this next generation super car form Japanese brand Nissan. The GT-R was actually expected to debut in the year 2015, but the latest reports say that the launch could be delayed until 2017 or even 2018.

nissan GT R Nissan GT R Likely to be a Hybrid Model; Might be Delayed till 2018

That means Nissan is getting more time for the production of their new super car. According to Motor Trend, during this extra time, the manufacturer will include a sportier front with high-speed stability. The report also says that the Nissan GT-R will include a hybrid system.

The next GT-R might include some electronic devices too in order to improve the efficiency of the vehicle. The hybrid powertrain would be similar to the 3.7 liter unit fitted to the Infiniti M35h and Infiniti Essence concept.

The second option would be to add a “turbo compressor and generator setup” to the current engine in the GT-R. It will improve the fuel efficiency and will help cut down CO2 emissions.

Sources claimed that all these setups are under development and in the meantime Nissan might add a start-stop system and a cylinder deactivation technology to reduce CO2 emission.

All these are just speculations at the moment, but wouldn’t it be great to expect a hybrid Nissan GT-R that wouldn’t put on weight or bring about much changes to the current design.