Peel-and-Stick Solar Cells to the Fore

December 31, 2012 / No Comments

You are well aware of the potential of the conventional solar cells that are placed on glass or silicon to extract energy. Unlike these regular ones, new peel and stick thin-film solar cells have arrived, and they require direct fabrication on the final carrier substrate.

solar sticker process.jpg.492x0 q85 crop smart Peel and Stick Solar Cells to the Fore

These new peel-and-stick thin-film solar cells can be peeled off like Band-Aid and stuck to virtually any surface.

These new solar cells let you extract electric power from a wide variety of surfaces from paper to windowpanes and these solar cells designed at Stanford eliminate all challenges associated with putting solar cells on unconventional materials.

The innovation just helps extend the potential of solar energy and overcome its limitations, as the peel and stick thin-film solar cells are simple to use due to its flexible nature.

Apparently, non conventional substrates are most of the time difficult to set as a platform due to their irregular surfaces. But, thanks to the flexibility of these all new peel and stick solar cells, we have reasons to believe that many a problem can be solved in this arena.

These new photovoltaic flexible solar cells can be attached to paper, window glass, and other materials that will now help you gather energy from the sun and they would hopefully give birth to a lot of sustainable products.