Honda Mugen CR-Z for Tokyo Auto Salon

January 1, 2013 / No Comments

As you all know, Honda Motor  had recently announced it would participate in the Tokyo Auto Salon in January 2013. And, the vehicle that would steal the show would be the CR-Z Mugen RZ, a new version of the hybrid vehicle announced last year.

mugencrz Honda Mugen CR Z for Tokyo Auto Salon

The Mugen would include a supercharger in order to increase its output up to 153 hp. This model will feature an improved exhaust system, suspension and braking. According to the company officials, the CR-Z MUGEN RZ vehicle’s commercial production would be limited to just 300 vehicles and would sell only in Japan.

Other featured concept vehicles the automaker is planning for the event includes an N-One Modulo Style, a Step WGN Modulo Style, and a Mugen Racing N-ONE Concept.

This list expands with the addition of concept models like HSV-010 GT from Autobacs Racing Team (GT500 class competitor), Mugen CR-Z GT (GT300 class competitor), and the FN09 from Docomo Team Dandelion Racing (Formula Nippon competitor).

The Tokyo Auto Salon is organized by the TOKYO AUTO SALON ASSOSIATION (TASA) along with the Nippon Auto Parts Aftermarket Committee (NAPAC). The event will kickstart on January 11 in Tokyo.