More layoffs at Coda Automotive

January 7, 2013 / 1 Comment

We have been hearing some bad news from Coda Automotive lately, as there have been “massive layoffs” at the California electric vehicle start-up.

coda More layoffs at Coda Automotive

Coda Automotive laid off more than 50 employees including a substantial part of its sales and marketing staff. Though we are not sure about all the details, sources have been heard  saying  that the company has sold fewer than 100 units of its all-electric sedan after it was released in March 2012.

We are not quite sure about the reason of the decrease in sales, but we do know that the California-based automotive maker has been posting loss and is trying their best to survive.

Sales dropped after the car was recalled by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (for faulty safety equipment) in August.

And Coda did not have the best of luck last week also as they only received two stars out of five in recent Federal testing of frontal impact, so thanks to these kinds of bad publicity a poor impression was made on the potential buyers.

The company downsized their employees and now only a handful of people make up the sales department. We are not sure that how Coda is going to come out of this situation as the funds don’t raise by themselves and losing customers is also not something for them to celebrate.