Goal Zero Introduces their Latest Solar Generator

January 11, 2013 / No Comments

Goal Zero has introduced yet another solar generator the Yeti 150 at Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas. While considering its earlier model of solar powered generator Yeti 1250, this one is more portable.

yeti150 Goal Zero Introduces their Latest Solar Generator

The Yeti 150 weighs 12 pounds and uses a 15W Bolder 15 Solar Panel to charge the 150 watt-hour battery. According to Goal Zero, the unit can be fully charged in around 15 hours when hooked up to the included solar panel. The charging can also be done through a car adapter or traditional wall outlet.

The Yeti 150 includes built-in AC, 12V and USB ports so that you can connect it to all of your vital devices. It can power anything from lights to laptops and an ideal device for camping excursions and in emergency situations.

Recently, when Super Sandy happened Goal Zero put their products to help the victims who needed power.

Goal Zero aims to provide a sense of security to its customers says Joe Atkin, the President and CEO of this Utah-based company.

Well, we can’t predict any disasters but having a reliable power source on hand can be very useful in such emergency conditions.

Those who have plans to purchase this solar powered backup power, the device will be available for $399.95.