Volkswagen Aims to Be Leader in Electric Vehicle Market

January 15, 2013 / No Comments

Volkswagen has revealed its goal to become the leader in electric vehicle industry. Recently, at a meeting with a group of journalists, Volkswagen executives listed out the company’s road map for electric vehicles.

Volkswagen Volkswagen Aims to Be Leader in Electric Vehicle Market

Two years ago, the company set a target of making plug-in electric cars, a combination of pure battery electric cars and plug-in hybrids. And it was to represent about 3 percent of sales by the year 2018.

Volkswagen also confirmed that e-up!, the electric vehicle from the company would go into production in mid-2013, and will be on sale in Europe this fall. The e-up! is a small all-electric commuter car. But unfortunately the car will not launch in the US market.

Though the company’s internal combustion vehicles have turn out to be more efficient in recent years, they will not be enough to achieve the auto industry’s environmental goals, says Dr. Rudolf Krebs, the chief officer for electric traction, at VW.

The all-electric version of the VW first plug-in vehicle the E-Golf will go into production in 2014. This car will debut in 2014 in the United States.

Volkswagen’s other future plug-in models will be sold in the US as the company wants to dominate the electric vehicle industry and they will meet stricter emissions standards through the electric-drive technology. Last year, VW started test drives for the E-Golf in various US cities.