1967 Toyota 2000GT Gets a Makeover; Now an SEV

January 17, 2013 / No Comments

When the Toyota 2000GT first launched in 1967, it was Japan’s first supercar, a masterpiece vehicle with elegance and power. Only 351 cars were originally built and it still has demand in the market. One of the original Toyota 2000GTs was sold for $647,000 last year.

toyota 2000gt solar electric car 1967 Toyota 2000GT Gets a Makeover; Now an SEV

So, when Chiba Toyopet found an original ’67 model in a garage in Tokyo, he was pretty thrilled but the car was in need of restoration. And after doing that he converted it into an EV and named it the 2000GT Solar Electric Vehicle (SEV).

The restoration work was done by the Toyota Automotive Lovers Association and they used a number of drivetrain components from a Lexus LS600h hybrid. Solar panels on the hood and rear window charge the 40kW lithium-ion battery pack, and the output is estimated at 181 horsepower and offering a top speed somewhere in the mid-80-mph range.

But unfortunately, the car looks majorly unpractical. The 2000GT SEV’s solar panels need long charging time of about two weeks for a full charge. However, you can also charge the vehicle form a 240V charging station where it needs only 12 hours of charging.

Toyopet has restored the original drivetrain along with the rest of the car, so that he can re-convert it to the original model. So guys, if you would like to see the car, the car is on display at the Detroit Auto Show.