Solar Power Could Provide Earth’s Power Needs by 2050

January 22, 2013 / No Comments

It is a fact that a global switch to renewable energy would be necessary to save our planet. But over the years, critics have been arguing that renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power could never satisfy the entire world’s energy needs. The argument seems to be getting invalid. A recent research on solar power has found that it could provide all of the energy needed in the world.

 Solar Power Could Provide Earths Power Needs by 2050

The report, which was released by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), along with First Solar, 3TIER and Fresh Generation, claims that less than 1 percent of total land mass would be required to fulfill the100 percent of projected electricity demand in 2050.

WWF and its allies studied at Indonesia, Madagascar, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, Turkey and the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. All the regions exhibit diverse geographies, populations, environments and economies.

They even receive different average levels of sunshine but show vast potential for widespread development of solar farms. The report also points to the fact that in order to produce solar energy; government policies should be favorable or at least open.

In the year 2010, around 16.7 percent of total energy consumption was produced by renewable energy sources, but solar power is just 0.1 percent of total energy consumption.

Although, the 100 percent of planet’s electricity needs are not actually going to be filled through solar power but still it could provide about 30 percent of global total electricity in  2050.