Brazil to Stop Illegal Logging in Amazon Forests with Tracking Devices

January 23, 2013 / No Comments

The world’s largest rainforest is finally getting things done with regard to protection. To stop deforestation and to track illegal loggers, Brazilian authorities have announced a new plan to save the Amazon rainforest. They will soon start installing tracking devices on trees.

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Authorities will install tracking units called the Invisible Tracck, a device that is developed by Brazilian firm Cargo Tracck and piloted by Dutch digital security firm Gemalto, on the trees.

The device will use cellular networks to send out location updates. If a tree is cut down, the device will use its sensors to send an alert message to Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente (IBAMA), the rainforest protection agency. According to Gemalto, the devices could withstand the Amazonian climate and will have a battery life of up to a year.

The only drawback of the system is that it can detect the tree only within 32 kilometers of a cellular network.

The rainforest in Brazil is approximately the size of the United States, therefore it would be mpossible to monitor each and every acre, says Ramzi Abdine, the general manager of the Gemalto.

While, the device may not completely prevent deforestation, the authorities are still hoping that it will allow the agency to respond in real time by figuring out the location of sawmills.

Well, we hope this tracking device will help the authorities to prevent the illegal cutting and sale of trees.