Tata Tech Keeps eMO Plans Alive

January 23, 2013 / No Comments

When Tata Technologies unveiled the eMO electric concept at the last year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit, it did indeed catch a bunch of enthusiastic eyeballs.

tata emo Tata Tech Keeps eMO Plans Alive

The eMO won praise for its roomy interior, swooping windshield and front-opening rear doors and above all for its hypothetical $20,000 price tag.

This electric vehicle eMO was said to be created for North American Market in the US. But after the huge hype and presentation nobody knows what actually happened to the concept.

Kevin Fisher, president of Tata Technologies, has now come out with an explanation that Tata Technologies isn’t a car maker, and that it advises automakers on how to make cars.

According to Fischer, Tata Technologies still has its eMO plans alive, but it will be looking forward to a green signal from Tata Motors to get it rolling. Tata Motors, in the meantime, already has its hands full with many a model they give shape for the Indian marketplace.

When the eMO concept car was first shown off, Tata Technologies claimed that it would be a car that would run at 65 miles per hour, but the vehicle has never exceeded 30 mph on the test track.

Not to be bogged down, the company is awaiting clearance on as many as 15 patents on the eMO and would look at keeping the cost and weight of the vehicle low so that they could sell the vehicle in the $20,000 price range.