BMW Fuel Cell Vehicle to Use Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Tech

January 24, 2013 / No Comments

In 2011,Toyota and BMW decided to co-operate on green car technologies and for developing lithium-ion batteries. Once again, in July last year, both the companies announced a new partnership deal to share the hydrogen fuel technology. As part of this deal,Toyota would allow BMW to use their drivetrain and hydrogen storage technology.

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And now, the latest reports say that BMW will start to use the technology as soon as possible and will complete the prototype model within the next three years. The vehicle is expected to launch by 2020.

The two automakers will work together on fuel cells, powertrain electrification, CFRP production, and future vehicle architecture. In return, BMW would provide the Japanese automakers with diesel engines for the cars sold in Europe.

Toyota is working on fuel cell technology since 1992 and has plans to launch a prototype model by 2015. In fuel cell vehicles, electricity is made from a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. By using the hydrogen gas stations these vehicles are expected to travel five times longer than battery-powered electric vehicles.

Meanwhile, GM, Daimler, Honda, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai are also working on fuel-cell vehicles.