Orangutans at Smithsonian National Zoo Get iPads

January 24, 2013 / No Comments

The Apple iPad is definitely a popular device. The slate is now getting a few new admirers at the Smithsonian National Zoo. Authorities recently started a new program named Apps for Apes, that lets orangutans to use the iPad as a way to keep them occupied.

apeapp Orangutans at Smithsonian National Zoo Get iPads

The program has been introduced as a part of changing the day-to-day lives of the animals and the iPad will be offering a new way to engage the animal’s sight, touch and hearing sense.

The National Zoo is currently offering more than 10 iPad apps for orangutans and they include musical instruments, drawing programs, and cognitive games.

According to an article published by the zoo authorities, these animals are already showing their preferences, as one orangutan plays the drums on the tablet, another likes a virtual piano, and a third enjoys an animated fish with music in the background.

The Apps for Apes project is an initiative from the conservation organization Orangutan Outreach. The team has already provided tablet devices in 12 other zoos, including zoos in Houston,Atlanta,Toronto,Utah and Milwaukee.

The organization aims to protect apes, the closest living relatives of humans, from extinction. They are critically endangered and are found in the Sumatran the Borneo rain forests.