VW Chattanooga Solar Park Gets KickStarted

January 25, 2013 / No Comments

Volkswagen has officially kickstarted its huge array of photovoltaic solar cells at its Chattanooga plant. The plant has already been already certified LEED Platinum and now will help build cleaner cars at cleaner plants. This huge solar field could supply up to 12.5 percent of the plant’s total energy needs and will reduce the CO2 emissions by 30 percent.

volkswagen chattanooga solar park VW Chattanooga Solar Park Gets KickStarted

The plant covers over 65 acres of land, of which 33 acres are solar panels. It is the largest industrial solar plant in the world and the largest at any automaker. The plant will generate 9.58 megawatts of DC power and 13.1 gigawatt hours of electricity a year. The CO2 emission of the plant is reduced by 6,675 tons a year.

To build the solar park VW joined with Phoenix Solar, a German photovoltaic manufacturing firm and the solar cells were fabricated in China and Mexico.

According to Frank Fischer, the CEO and chairman of Volkswagen Group of America, Chattanooga Operations, no other factory has achieved the Platinum reward therefore it will be a benchmark and a role model.

Volkswagen’s all 100 plants are going to be eco-friendly  and will become 25 percent more environmentally compatible in the coming years.