Toyota Prius Best Seller in California in 2012

January 28, 2013 / No Comments

Toyota Prius has become the best selling car in California in 2012.The Japanese automaker sold around 60,688 of the hybrid in the U.S. last year.

prius Toyota Prius Best Seller in California in 2012

According to USA Today and the California New Cars Dealers Association, in the year 2012, Prius outsold the Honda Civic, the second in the list by about 3,500 units of vehicles. But for automobile lovers, it is not a surprise, since the Prius is the best selling model through the first quarter of the year 2012.

Toyota sold almost 237,000 Prius variants, which includes the standard Liftback, Prius Plug-In, C compact and V wagon versions.

Moreover, Toyota is the one in five new California vehicles sold last year, where as the Honda represents one in eight in US.

In 2012, Honda sold around 57,124 Civics and the Toyota Camry was third with sales of 50,250 units.

The sales data are given by the California New Car Dealers Association and it represents only the retail auto registrations. And the list excluded the sales to rental car companies, government and other fleet customers.

Well, the sales of Prius hybrid show that how different is the California car market is from the rest of the world and the Prius’ success will be a true inspiration for other automakers.