Artist Creates TV from 625 Remote Controls

January 29, 2013 / No Comments

Normally, we think remote controls as gadgets to surf through channels or control a television set. But how about a TV made fully out of remote controls? Don’t think that it is impossible. An artist named Chris Shen has proved it is indeed possible.

Chris Shen Infra51 Artist Creates TV from 625 Remote Controls

Shen tried to reverse the function of a remote control to a television. For this, he collected over 625 remote controls that have become old fashioned as modern technology looks for newer and newer electronics. As part of his INFRA project, he up-cycled these remote controls into TV!

He used a large metal display frame and created rows of television remote controls of different sizes and shapes. Then he wired them all together with their infrared bulbs in the remote control.

After assembling the whole system, the lights were connected to a television broadcast, where each light behaves like a pixel in a screen image. The project was dubbed INFRA, derived from infrared.

This infra red light is invisible to the naked eyes, therefore visitors will be have to wear a pair of infrared goggles to view the wonder.

On his website, Shen wrote that each of the 625 remote controls is second-hand, discarded and useless. You can see the amazing TV at t London’s 18 Hewett Street Gallery which is on till February 3.