San Francisco 49ers New Stadium to be the First LEED-Certified Stadium

January 30, 2013 / No Comments

The new Santa Clara stadium, for San Francisco 49ers, is looking for LEED certification. The stadium is set to open for next year’s football season. There is no information about the level of certification the stadium is looking for but it will be the first pro football venue to get LEED certified.

49ers San Francisco 49ers New Stadium to be the First LEED Certified Stadium

The stadium will feature enough solar power to meet energy required for home games. The stadium includes 3 solar arrays, a green roof and the 49ers training center.

TheSanta Clarastadium is partnered with NRG Energy, the largest electricity generator in the country. The Santa Clara Stadium’s LEED elements includes pro football’s first green roof. It will help insulate the stadium’s luxury suites and will be landscaped with native plants to reduce storm water runoff.

The stadium also features a set of three solar bridges that create a high-profile renewable energy experience. These solar panels have the capacity to produce around 400 kilowatts of power. Another LEED factor in the stadium is its alternative transportation and it will provide access to public transportation.

LEED is an eco-friendly rating system carried by the U.S. Green Building Council and it looks for sustainability factors such as interior elements, water conservation and land use.