Smog Blankets City of Beijing

February 4, 2013 / No Comments

Just a few days ago, the city of Beijing and other parts of China faced the peculiar problem of thick smog blanketing the atmosphere. The problem started more than two weeks ago, but during the last few days, pollution levels have increased.

John E. Williamson china Smog Blankets City of Beijing

According to air quality index reading, the pollution level has increased 40 times the recommended safety levels. It rates a reading over 150 as unhealthy and above 300 as hazardous.

Over the past few days, visibility in the central Beijing was reduced to about 600 feet and some areas experiencing 300 metres. According to local media, 36 flights were cancelled and people were forced to stay indoors so that they can avoid respiratory illnesses.

The government has advised people to stay indoors or wear protective masks if they have to go out. They are also told to close windows and to eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water.

The Chinese government has issued emergency measures to counter the pollution. Authorities also announced the shutting down of 103 factories and ordered 30 percent of cut off in official cars.